IMG conflict resolution specialists are trained in assisted negotiation methods - including conflict assessment, mediation and dispute resolution, consensus building, multi-stakeholder problem solving, and interest-based facilitation and negotiation. All mediators of IMG have been trained in accordance with international mediation practices and are accredited members of the Australian Disputes Centre (ADC) and the Australian National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS). 

The dispute parties can select from at least two mediators and one lawyer working for IMG:

Mr. Poch Sophorn, Founder and Director

Poch Sophorn got his Masters Degree in Public Policy and Management from the University of York, in the United Kingdom and accreditation as a mediator by the Australian Disputes Centre (ADC) and is accredited mediator under the Australian National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS). He is founder and director of Independent Mediation Organization (IMG). Prior to directing IMG, he served as GIZ’s Land Rights Program Deputy Program Manager. In these positions he worked, among other tasks, to promote the customary tenure of indigenous communities and to support indigenous community land titling (ICLT). He also was responsible for supporting the tenure security of urban poor communities in Phnom Penh City and Battambang province, under GIZ’s Land Rights Program. Overall, he has worked in the land sector in Cambodia for over 15 years.

Dr. Pak Kimchoeun, Co-founder and Researcher:

Dr. Pak got his Master Degree in Public Administration from Syracuse University, USA, and a PhD in Public Policy from the Australian National University. In 2016, he became qualified and accredited as a mediator by the Australian Disputes Centre (ADC). He is a political scientist and governance expert who has done extensive research on political economy of state reforms in Cambodia, including reforms on land, decentralization and local development.  With more than 13 years' experience, he has accumulated not only sound understanding about how politics and governance system at different level work, but has also established a wide professional network with ministries, local governments and non-governmental organizations throughout the country.

Attorney Ol Rachny, Program Manager and Senior Legal Advisor:

Ms. Rachny is a young lawyer - licensed since 2007 - who from the start of her legal career was spotted as highly capable and motivated and given responsible positions. From 2007-2011 she was an attorney with Legal Aid of Cambodia (LAC). From 2011 to June 2016 she was a program or unit manager for LAC’s land and natural resources cases which included cases involving indigenous people. Moreover, she has also served as a lawyer for clients at private partner law firms in cases of commercial disputes, labor disputes, civil disputes (family, contracts, divorces, land, etc.) and criminal cases. All of this work involved a wide variety of activities including efforts for out-of-court settlements, training poor people in land law, taking part in radio talk shows, conducting public forums, dialogues with government officials, and seeking solutions to land conflicts of the poor that would result in secure tenure for them. Periodically, she has been in private practice generally representing companies in commercial litigation in which she normally sought out-of-court results based on educating clients and on negotiating with opponents to promote the benefits of mutually-agreed settlements between parties.

Additional mediators can be hired on a case by case basis.

Research and Mapping Team:

IMG mapping specialists have long experiences in coordinating and conducting preliminary maps and dispute map processes. IMG mapping specialists have long experience using GPS and QGIS for the mapping activities. The participatory mapping process requires the IMG team to work with indigenous communities, local government representatives, district state land working groups, private companies (ELCs) and NGOs throughout the process.

Ms. Neang Soulin, Legal and Research Assistant:

Ms. Soulin is a legal and research assistant. She graduated from Royal University of Law and Economic Majoring in Law and Institute of Foreign Languages majoring in Professional Communication. In 2012, She started working with indigenous case at north-east of Cambodia with legal Aid of Cambodia (LAC). From 2013 to 2016, she was a legal assistant for LAC’s land. The work involved a wide variety of activities including taking part in training poor people in land law, conducting public forum, joined dialogues with government officials, translated legal document, and assisted in seeking solution to land conflicts of the poor that would result in secure tenure.

Mr. Meypok Ponleu, GPS surveyor and GIS Expert:

Mr. Ponleu received a Bachelor Degree in Land Management and Land Administration from the Royal University of Agriculture in 2006. He has participated in many training courses on GIS and GPS in Cambodia and abroad. He also has the teaching experiences on Land Use Planning and Geographic Information System at Prek Leap National School of Agriculture. From his over 10 years of experiences in GIS and GPS, he involved working and coordinating with many people, different land types, and different conflict cases which made him a competent GIS and GPS expert.

Additional consultants can be hired for specific mapping and research tasks.