IMG has expertise in producing community preliminary map and conflicting claimed map.

The preliminary map is to help the community to map out their non-conflict areas for communal land registration. This process requires participation of all stakeholders.

The conflicting claimed map, this is the detailed mapping of the conflict/overlapping areas, meaning all areas with overlapping claims, covered by land use conflicts or boundary conflicts. This mapping work is generally carried out by surveys with handheld GPS receivers and based on aerial photography or satellite imagery which needs to reflect the conflicting claims by all conflict parties without any judgement or restriction. The mapping activities need to be precise, down to the parcel level.

This requires a specialized team to work with the local communities and the company or other conflict parties consisting of experienced surveyors and GIS experts. As a final output, this team will produce detailed conflicting claimed maps for each village or area, as the case may be.

At present, there is a sufficient number of individual national consultants and specialized GIS experts which fulfill the mapping work precisely .